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Below we have listed some feedback from users running Sum-It Software:

I have been a Total user for over 10 years and have 100%confidence in the software. The programme is easy to use, and in return I have years of information at my fingertips instantly. I don't use the telephone back-up service often, but when I do it is first class, and the problem is solved efficiently. 

Aubrey Hosegood, East Worlington, Devon

​I have used Sum-It Total since it was first launched, having previously used the DOS version of the Accounts and Payroll programs. I chose Sum-It from four other packages demonstrated to me in 1991 because they had produced the most "complete" program.I do the books for six different farms and wages for other people as well, using Total.  My farmers are not afraid of the system, in fact some have bought additional modules to integrate their livestock with the accounts. All the accountants approve and are happy with the programs and, particularly important, HMRC and Defra are also happy.

The Sum-It team are continually improving and updating each and every part of the Total system and their support is second to none.  They NEVER let you down.  I cannot recommend Sum-It and Total highly enough.

Vickl Gladwin, Baylham, Suffolk

​Sum-It Total has become an integral part of running our multi-herd dairy farming business. We have found its simplicity of use, and its ability to analyse different farm enterprises accurately, has enabled us to make educated business decisions as we have grown. The staff at Sum-It are always most obliging and fix and explain any issues in a farmer-friendly manner. We could not run our business now without our Sum-It system.

Will Prichard, Letterson, Pembrokeshire

​We started using Sum-It in 2000 having no experience of a Farm Computer system. A couple of farmers nearby were using Sum-It so that was really why we chose it. We have never regretted it and certainly recommend it to others. It works for us in keeping our Herd Records and as the information expands it provides a very comprehensive record of all Herd and Flock activity, particularly that now we milk record and observe the state of individual cows. Plus it always impresses the Assurance inspectors!

Farmers are generally not really happy doing office work but Sum-It certainly makes it easier and the support from Sum-It is so helpful, even you ask for help frequently! If you have never used a Computer Farm Program, use Sum-It!

Jean Tincknell, Wedmore, Somerset

​Having researched the available farm programmes back in 1989, we settled on Sum-It and it has been the most cost-effective and user-friendly. Our choice all those years ago has never proved doubtful and we have enjoyed a good working relationship with the company and its helpful staff.

Most recently I needed to check some invoices from the 1990’s and having had 3-4 computers plus new Sum-It software over the last 20 some years, I wasn’t sure where to start! A call to Gordon at Sum-It and less than 6 minutes later I had all the reference numbers needed to track down the correct bits of paper, an hour later having raided the loft I had in my hand all I needed.

As years have passed, Sum-it have developed programs to meet the demands of changing rules and regulations, helping our business to comply and utilise modern technology to assist our developing farm enterprises.

Ruth Kimber, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset

​I would just like to say that dealing with Sum-It over the years has been a pleasure, and I could not have had any more help with my farm software than I have had from Sum-It. The software is easily understood, and the company are always striving to move forward and keep ahead of the game. Furthermore, the helpline always has the answer.

Chris Awdry, West Ashton, Wilts

​I have always found Sum-It to be efficient, professional and available.  Their programs are simple and easy to work.  Their staff are always friendly and helpful.

Hugh Warmington, Cothelstone, Somerset

​K.S.Coles Limited has been using software provided from Sum-It for more than 20 years now. Throughout this time we have found that the SUM-IT software packages we use are the best on the market, for our needs as a business. They are so user-friendly, with all the information you need and more to enable you to run your accounts, farm records, payroll, or casual labour successfully.

I think it’s also fair to say, that Sum-It staff are always there on hand to give us advice and support, and believe me, sometimes we have needed it! All in all I would advise anyone looking for an integrated system, to look no further than Sum-It.

Suzie Coles, Wellington, Somerset

We have been using Sum-It software for many years and it has proved to be a very versatile program, giving us all the financial reports that we require.  As our business has grown so has Sum-It and we find that more and more of the information we require can now be obtained using the program. Sum-It support is excellent, a quick phone call and the guys are always there to help out with any problems. There has never been a time when our questions have gone unanswered.

Jean of Rolf Park Farm Ltd, Beaulieu, Hampshire

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