On-Line Data Backup

How safe is your data?

Are your data backups up to date?
Are your backups kept off-site?
Is your data really safe?

With every new Total system we provide a pair of Memory Sticks for backup purposes. Total has a simple backup routine that will save your data onto these sticks in alternate backups: Stick A in week 1, Stick B in week 2, Stick A in week 3 etc. This ensures that should you ever lose a stick then the other is only one backup level behind.

However, we didn’t want to stop there. We know how human nature works and complacency sets in too easily when everything goes smoothly so we also provide an on-line backup service.

This service is available to all users with a broadband connection. Once activated, the service provides you with secure off-site storage for all your live’ Total Datasets. Once a week, when exiting your Total program, your data will be sent to our secure storage facilities.

The service is provided FREE to all Users with GOLD Support Contracts. For any other Users it can be accessed for only £2.00 + VAT per week (invoiced annually).

For more details please contact us on 01844 213003.