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Very much appreciated your fast response to COVID, the Furlough reports in Payroll were available extremely quickly and were a great help and the on-going ability to adapt my licence and work from home has been invaluable.

Jane Benney, Laverton, Somerset

SUM-IT’s Total Payroll software is designed to cater for the wide variety of needs for wage calculations and Auto-Enrolment Pension exports in both agriculture and other industries.

See below for details on our Daily Casuals Module and Piece Worker Software.

Total Payroll handles both hourly and period paid employees, multiple overtime rates etc. It calculates all Tax, National Insurance and Pension deductions and prints/emails full payslips. It generates all figures required for month and year-end returns. Furthermore it also seamlessly integrates with the Total Accounting Module.

SUM-IT's Total software is backed up by our friendly Support Helpline. The team is always happy to answer your questions and keep you going to get the job done.

Key Features
  • Calculates your wages instantly
  • Submits RTI Data direct on-line to HMRC
  • Handles Auto Enrolment Pensions
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • No special payslip stationery needed
  • Runs multiple company payrolls
  • Integrates with Total Accounts
  • Daily Casuals Module
  • Piece Worker App

from £295 + VAT

Key Benefits

With Total Payroll you can:

  • Prepare your wages in only a few minutes
  • Submit your Real Time Information direct to HMRC
  • Print out payslips onto plain A4 paper or email them
  • Export Workplace Pension contribution files
  • Export BACS Payment File to your Bank website
  • Get a Coin Analysis sheet for Cash-paid employees
  • Print out next week’s timesheets
  • Keep Tax and NI Tables current with Total Updates
  • View employee calendars to identify holidays/​sick days taken
Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
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Total Payroll Module

You can start using Total Payroll at any time in the PAYE Tax Year. Simply enter each employee's cumulative figures to-date and the system will take over from the next pay period.

When run alongside the Total Accounts, the Total Payroll Module will update the Accounts with all payment details each pay period.

With the introduction of Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment, Employers have a lot more legislative administration to process each pay period. To help Users manage this extra burden, SUM-IT have integrated Auto Enrolment calculations into the Total Payroll software. This functionality enables the software to generate the necessary Export Files to upload to Workplace Pension websites for Nest, Peoples Pension, Now Pension and Smart Pension.

Choose from Small version (up to 3 employees) £295 + VAT or Standard version (Unlimited employees) £495VAT

Purchase prices above include first 3 months Gold Level Support & Updates. Full range of annual Support options thereafter, see our Support page for more details.

Total Payroll Demo

Daily Casuals Module for Beaters and Harvest Workers

We have developed this module to easily handle the payment and reporting of Daily Casual Workers, such as Harvest Workers and Beaters, under the latest RTI regulations.

It enables you to record which Casual Workers have been paid on any given day, declaring that they were only taken on for that day only and therefore were not liable for Tax or NI.

You compile a list of which workers could be attending, with their basic employment details, and then each day you simply tick which ones worked on that day and input how much they were paid.

The Module, in conjunction with the Total Payroll software, will then submit an FPS electronically to HMRC to cover that day’s activity.

The Daily Casuals Module costs £200 + VAT.

Daily Casuals Pay Input screen

Daily Casuals Pay Input screen

Total Piece Worker Module

SUM-IT's Total Piece Worker is a complete system to streamline and automate the whole process of capturing hand-picked produce records across multiple harvest sites right the way through to generating individual picker payslips.

Outside in the Picking location each Picker wears a waterproof wristband containing an NFC chip storing their identity.

As they present their picked produce to the Site Manager, their wristband is scanned by our rugged Mobile Data Logger running the Piece Worker App (offline).

Scanning the wristband
Scanning the wristband

Then the picker’s record appears on-screen and the quantity of produce is recorded along with the location and time/​date.

The picker’s record appears on-screen
The picker’s record appears on-screen

When convenient the Piece Worker App sends the picking data either over 3G from the field or via local WiFi back to Total Piece Worker on the main Farm Office PC or Server.

The Piece Worker App sends the picking data
The Piece Worker App sends the picking data

Reports then help you quickly reconcile what was picked against what’s in the store. Once checked, the data is transferred into the Total Payroll system to calculate each picker’s actual pay after Tax, NI and other deductions then individual payslips are printed off on either plain A4 or self-sealing stationery.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Picker wearing NFC Chip

Picker wearing NFC Chip

Optional Modules and Equipment

Total Accounts Module

Choose from either Cashbook or Full Accounts levels and both modules can either be run as stand-alone programs or will integrate seamlessly with the Payroll module.

Payroll Leaflet

For even more insight into the Total Payroll module, please click the button below.

Hardware Requirements

Total software operates on Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server. Suitable hardware should have a minimum of 4GB Ram and the software will require 500MB of Hard Disk capacity plus an internet connection to receive program updates and communicate with HMRC and BCMS.

Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, via our Contact Form.

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