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I have used SUM-IT Total since it was first launched, having previously used the DOS version of the Accounts and Payroll programs. I chose SUM-IT from four other packages demonstrated to me in 1991 because they had produced the most​“complete” program. I do the books for six different farms and wages for other people as well, using Total. My farmers are not afraid of the system, in fact some have bought additional modules to integrate their livestock with the accounts. All the accountants approve and are happy with the programs and, particularly important, HMRC and Defra are also happy.

The SUM-IT team are continually improving and updating each and every part of the Total system and their support is second to none. They NEVER let you down. I cannot recommend SUM-IT and Total highly enough.

Vicki Gladwin, Baylham, Suffolk

With Total Software you have the option to either operate a stand-alone module or integrate several modules together, primarily the Accounts module with one or more enterprise modules.

This enables you to immediately eliminate the need to input any data more than once, saving considerable time and effort as well as ensuring data accuracy is maintained.

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Key Features
  • Fully integrated software
  • Need only enter data once to update everywhere
  • Maintains high data accuracy
  • Considerable office time saved
  • Flexible package options

from £895 + VAT

Key Benefits

Total Integration
An integrated livestock example

You purchase some cattle and when entering the invoice on the accounts module you will also be asked the animal identification details. This then takes care of the Accounts records as well as compiling the livestock movement records, emailing BCMS or ScotMoves+ to notify them of the movement on-farm. Likewise, when you purchase medicines those can be entered into stock with quantities, batch numbers with expiry dates. 

As you record the treatment to the animals the stock quantity is automatically reduced and the value of the usage moved from the Stock Nominal on the Balance Sheet to the Trading Nominal on the Profit & Loss. Note that you can happily enter medicines used on animals before their purchase is recorded, the stock level simply goes negative until you subsequently input the medicine invoice.

An integrated arable example

You purchase some sprays and when entering the invoice on the Accounts module you will also be asked stock quantities to record those items in stock. As you record the spray application to the fields, the relevant spray quantity will be taken out of stock and the field gross margin costings will be updated accordingly. Note that you can happily enter spray applied to fields before its purchase is recorded, the stock level simply goes negative until you subsequently enter the spray invoice.

Total integration does not mean total complexity — you decide what Total operational level suits your business records, with the flexibility to upgrade to higher levels at any time.

Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
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Level 1 - Starter Total

Starter Total offers farmers an entry-level integrated system to handle all basic farm administration.

Included in Starter Total are:

  • Cashbook Accounts — VAT Audit Trail, Bank Rec. & Year End reports
  • Bovine Module — Movements, Drug Treatments & BCMS/​ScotMoves+ Email
  • Sheep Module — Movements, Flock Gross Margin and Assurance reports
  • Cropping Module — Field Applications, stock records, rotation planner

For full details of each module’s full functionality please use the links above to refer to the individual product pages.

Starter Total Options Screen

Starter Total Options Screen

Level 2 -Standard Total

Standard Total offers modules that go much further than the basics, providing in-depth accounting functions and management information on specific enterprise records. All Starter functions are included and, in addition, Users can choose which Standard modules they need in the package deal.

The Standard modules are:

  • Farm Accounts — Full double-entry Accounts to Balance sheet level
  • Dairy Module — Individual Cow records with Quota Prediction
  • Beef Module — Cattle management records with detailed costings & performance
  • Cropping Module — Individual Field records with full Assurance data
  • Sheep Module — Individual Ewe records with detailed lambing histories

For full details of each module’s full functionality please use the links above to refer to the individual product pages.

Standard Total Demo

Optional Modules and Equipment

Total Farm Apps

​Total Farm Apps enable you to take your records wherever you go, operating off-line, so that you can access data at any time and record new events as they happen.

With a Total Farm App running on a smartphone or tablet, you can save hours of keyboard time at the end of the day having to update your office with the day's activities.

Hardware Requirements

Total software operates on Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server. Suitable hardware should have a minimum of 4GB Ram and the software will require 500MB of Hard Disk capacity plus an internet connection to receive program updates and communicate with HMRC and BCMS.

Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, via our Contact Form.

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