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We buy in store cattle to finish and Total Beef makes it easy to compare markets, herds, ages or sexes in way you want to.

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SUM-IT’s Total Beef Cattle Management software is designed to be a complete beef enterprise management tool to aid with the practical day-to-day control and increasing official, traceability and assurance aspects of the industry.

It provides full enterprise costing facilities, generating gross margins and detailed profit analysis. Program set-up time can be minimised by downloading Animals on Holding records from BCMS or ScotMoves+.

Choose from either Starter or Standard versions and both modules will integrate seamlessly with the Accounts module.

SUM-IT's Total software is backed up by our friendly Support Helpline. The team is always happy to answer your questions and keep you going to get the job done.

Key Features
  • Individual Animal Records
  • Statutory Movement Reports
  • Notifies BCMS or ScotMoves+ with Births/​Movements
  • Generates Assurance Reports
  • Detailed Costings Analysis
  • Access your Cattle Data on a smartphone or tablet
  • Integrates with Total Accounts

from only £345 + VAT

Key Benefits

With Total Beef you can:

  • Keep all Statutory Movement records
  • View comprehensive individual animal records
  • Notify BCMS or ScotMoves+ to apply for Passport Applications and notify Movements
  • Access your cattle data outside at any time on a Smartphone or Tablet
  • Print off NOAH format Medicine Book for both Purchases and Treatments
  • Calculate N kg/​Ha generated by all livestock on-farm and storage needed
  • Monitor liveweight gains between different groups of animals
  • Input accurate feed usage records by animal group
  • Analyse the financial performance of your Beef Herd
  • Run a reconciliation against your on-line BCMS/​ScotMoves+ records
  • Maintain a complete unlimited pedigree history of the herd
Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
Request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration
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Starter Cattle Module

Total Starter Cattle is designed to handle all legislative aspects of beef records, providing statutory Cattle Movement and Herd Register records plus a Medicine book, storing drugs used against drugs purchased, that satisfies Health Assurance recording requirements.

When entering calving details, the system will notify BCMS for a Passport Application for each calf. Also the movement details of any cattle purchased or sold can be submitted direct to BCMS or ScotMoves+ from the software. The program also provides the facility to reconcile the data against BCMS/​ScotMoves+ records.

Should you wish to upgrade to the Standard level, this can be done at any time, without needing to re-enter any data.

Starter Cattle Demo Video

Standard Cattle Module

Total Standard Cattle includes all the Starter legislative functionality but provides in-depth beef management records and analysis.

Suckler Herds benefit from full calving histories, fertility records and unlimited genealogies. Fattening Herds can record weights and feed costs to calculate daily liveweight gains and true profit per kilo or per day on-farm.

All Total Standard Beef Cattle reports can be easily exported into Excel, CSV, TXT and PDF formats.

Standard Cattle Demo Video

Feature Comparison

Features Starter Standard
Statutory Stock Movements
Passports/Movements to BCMS or ScotMoves+
Livestock Sales & Purchases
Records All Calving Details
OTM Warning
TB Movements Control
Drug Treatments & Stocks
NOAH Medicine Book (Conv./Organic)
BCMS/ScotMoves+ Livestock Reconciliation
Block Booking of Events
NVZ Muck Planner
Herd Book Register
Will utilise Bar Code Scanners
Comprehensive Animal Cards x
Electronic IDs x
Weighing/DLWG Records x
Growth Reports: Grades/KO% x
Feed Usage Records x
Pedigree/Relation Reports x
Selective Performance Reports x
Profit Analysis by Day/Kg/Grade x
Advanced Herd Health Analysis x
Suckler Cow Records x
Fertility Reports x
Imports EBV Data from Signet x
Bull/Semen Records x
Multi-Holdings x
Data Export to Excel & Word etc. o
Electronically register pedigree calves with BREEDPLAN Breed Societies x
Smartphone Total Bovine App o o
Electronic Weigher Interface x o
* Upgrade to Standard Cattle o x
Price (excl.VAT) £345 £645
O = Optional Extras. * Upgrade Option from Starter Cattle to Standard Cattle costs £345. Purchase prices above include first 3 months Gold Level Support & Updates. Full range of annual Support options thereafter, see our Support page for more details.

Optional Modules and Equipment

Total Bovine App

You can record any event as it happens with the Total Bovine App running on an Android Smartphone or Tablet PC.This imports the cattle data from Total Beef onto the mobile device to either review the status of each animal or input new events, such as calvings, drug treatments and weights as you do them outside. This data can then be synchronised with Total Beef via WiFi back on the office PC at anytime.

Laser Bar Code Readers

Readers can be supplied to speed up data entry from Cattle Passports. They scan the UK Ear Tag, Date of Birth, Sex and Breed instantly onto the Purchase Screen and can also be used to tag animals for sale.

Electronic Weigher Interface Module

This Module imports weigh session files from Tru-Test, Gallagher and Iconix weighers into the Total Standard Cattle Module. From the imported weigh data, Daily Liveweight Gains are automatically calculated and a range of reports and scatter graphs can then provide in-depth analysis on the growth rates across individual animals.


The BREEDPLAN Link Module enables you to send your pedigree calf registrations direct from the Total Standard Beef Module to any breed society that uses the BREEDPLAN Database system.

Total Accounts Module

Choose from either Cashbook or Full Accounts levels and both modules can either be run as stand-alone programs or will integrate seamlessly with the Total Beef modules.

Beef Leaflet

For even more insight into the Total Beef module, please click the button below.

Hardware Requirements

Total software operates on Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server. Suitable hardware should have a minimum of 4GB Ram and the software will require 500MB of Hard Disk capacity plus an internet connection to receive program updates and communicate with HMRC and BCMS.

Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, via our Contact Form.

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