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Total Contractors sales order processing software

This is a bolt-on Sales Order Processing Module to the Total Standard Accounts Program.

​It is designed to organise client records, allowing you to track work that has been quoted, completed and invoiced. Invoices and statements are raised automatically from the diary details and processed straight into the Accounts program. Full histories are retained for each client and detailed management reports can help you analyse the efficiency of your business.

With Total Contractor's Diary you can:

  • Organise all your customer records
  • Set up full contact details for each client
  • Build up a product stock list and job pricing list
  • Use the Smartphone/Tablet App to record all client work as it happens in the field
  • Handle both Product and Customer Discounts with ease
  • Have your own company logo prepared as an Invoice Header
  • Raise invoices automatically from Goods Dispatched/Work Completed
  • Use window envelopes or labels for all posted documents
  • View an Aged Debtors list at any time
  • Analyse your sales by any criteria over any length of time

This Module can be tailored to handle a wide range of business enterprises from conventional farm contracting to property rents, horse liveries, farm shops and any other retail or service operation that needs to keep a close eye on their customer activities.

Check out our NEW Contractors Diary App

This is designed to give Agricultural Contractors instant access to their client records via Android Smartphones or Tablets.

The App works in conjunction with the Contractors Diary PC Software. Multiple operators running the App can all synchronise to a single Dataset on the PC if required. Once synchronised with the Total Data the App then runs fully off-line, ensuring operation anywhere, without requiring a constant internet connection.

It caters for both Operator and Manager levels; Operators can record jobs done against client records in the App to avoid filling in manual worksheets, Managers are additionally able to access more details, including financial data, so job pricing and quotes can be entered and outstanding debts are also displayed.

All fresh data can then be synchronised back with the Total Contractors Diary on the Office PC via WiFi or 3G Connection, enabling Client Invoices to be automatically generated and posted into the company accounts data.

With each client’s core details to hand, the App can dial the client’s phone numbers, send them an email or even locate where they are on the map - all from single taps on the client’s record on-screen.

The cost of the Sum-It Contractors App is from £95 + VAT per annum.

Price (excl.VAT) £ £

​How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, or order a free demonstration CD via our Contact Form.

Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

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Key Features

  • Organises customer records
  • Raises Quotes and Orders
  • Tracks work done & goods sent
  • Optional Mobile App available
  • Prints Delivery Notes
  • Invoices generated automatically
  • Stock Control for Sales Items
  • Integrates with Total Accounts
from £395 + VAT
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