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Total Accounts farm accounts software

Sum-It's Total Farm Accounts software provides SIMPLIFIED book-keeping for all levels and has been submitting VAT Returns direct to HMRC since 2010. It is fully compliant with HMRC's Making Tax Digital On-Line VAT Submission system.

Choose from either Cashbook or full Accounts levels and both modules will integrate seamlessly with the physical records in the Enterprise Modules.

With Total Accounts you can:

  • Calculate your VAT Return instantly
  • Submit your VAT Return on-line direct to the HMRC MTD Portal
  • Monitor your bank balance at all times
  • Choose to input your invoices BEFORE or AFTER they're paid
  • Always know your current debtors and creditors
  • Save time with auto-bank reconciliation to bank statements 
  • Minimise your Accountant's work and increase productivity
  • Identify how each enterprise is performing throughout the year
  • Pin-point costs to each tractor, other machinery and property
  • Process Contra Invoices simply and painlessly
  • Prepare Cash Flow or P&L Budgets to compare against Actual Data

Starter Accounts Module

Total Starter Accounts is designed as a simple Cashbook system to be operated by anyone without an in-depth knowledge of accountancy. All standard analysis headings can be customised by you to suit your own business requirements, then by simply entering all paid invoices and receipts onto the program throughout the year, all the necessary reporting is done for you.

VAT Returns are automatically prepared and submitted on-line, Bank Accounts can be easily reconciled and Cash-Flows can be generated for the Bank Manager. Basic Enterprise Costings reports will also identify Gross Margins and Year-End Reports can be output on paper or disk for your Accountant to audit.

Should you wish to upgrade to the Standard level, this can be done at any time, without needing to re-enter any data.

Standard Accounts Module

Total Standard Accounts includes all Starter Accounts facilities but goes further to full Double-Entry Accounts level. This enables you to input invoices BEFORE you need to pay them and then you can view your current debtors and creditors at any time to identify which invoices are outstanding.

Total Standard Accounts provides a lot more functionality to minimise the repetitive aspects of "doing the books", including automatic bank reconciliation (based on online banking CSV files), automatic standing order processing and Statement/Remittance Note/Label generation.

With this level of the software you also get more detailed reporting on cost centres such as farm enterprises or individual machinery and properties, analysing the management data down to cost per hectare or per animal or any specified unit you wish to set up.

Total Standard Accounts P&L and Balance Sheet reports can be tailored to mirror your Accountant's layout. Asset Depreciation can also be set to calculate automatically right through the year.

Detailed budgets can be created over any timeframe, be it one year or several, on a single budget, to automatically compare against your actual accounts data at any time. Full comments can be input against planned figures to qualify their existence. The bank interest on the overdraft can also be set to calculate automatically too.

All Total Standard Accounts reports can be easily exported into Excel, CSV, TXT and PDF formats.

Features Starter Standard
Cashbook Only x
Cashbook or Double-Entry Accounts x
VAT Audit Trail
On-Line VAT Submission to HMRC MTD Portal
Multi-Bank Reconciliation
Enterprise Costings
Machinery Costings
Profit & Loss
Trial Balance
Audit Trail
Year-End Accountant Reports
Budgeted Cashflow
View/Pay Debtors & Creditors x
Prints Statements & Remittances x
Prints Labels x
Customer/Supplier Ledger x
Automatic Standing Order Processing x
Auto-Reconcile to Bank Statement Files x
Asset/Liability Reports x
Balance Sheet Report x
Advanced Enterprise Reporting x
Powerful Selective Reports x
Links to Accountants’ Software x
Multi-Business x
Budget vs Actual Comparisons O
Data Export to Excel & Word etc. O
Invoice Generator O O
Sales Order Processor O O
Contractors Diary O O
BACS Payments Exporter O O
Electronic Invoice Storage O O
Stock Control O O
Payroll Module O O
Upgrade to Standard Accounts O x
Price (excl.VAT) £425 £695
O = Optional Extras. Upgrade Option from Starter Accounts to Standard Accounts costs £345.

​Optional Bolt-On Modules

The Invoicing Module provides the facility to generate invoices to customers direct from Total Standard Accounts, these are then processed into the accounts data without further input. Customised invoice headers and footers can also be designed to avoid using expensive special stationery.

The Cheque Printing Module enables the User to print payment details directly onto normal cheques or onto Remittance Notes with a tear-off cheque portion at the bottom. Simple editing of cheque layouts ensures all different styles can be catered for.

The PC Banking Module exports payment details from Total Accounts across to most PC Banking programs to eliminate duplication of entering the details into both programs. Please note this does not include free Internet Banking services as they do not have Import facilities.

The Contractors Diary Module provides a sales order processing facility to raise quotes, orders, job cards and delivery notes, storing customer records through the complete sales process. Invoice runs will then automatically raise invoices from work done or goods delivered and these will be automatically processed into the Accounts data. For further details click on Contractors Diary.

The Electronic Invoice Storage Module provides the facility to store scanned invoices and imported electronic invoices against ledger entries in the Accounts for easy access at anytime. For further details please click here.

The Stock Control Module will keep a tally of specific stock items as they are bought and sold. A flexible stock-take process ensures you keep everything aligned.

The Payroll Program is designed to cater for a wide variety of needs for wage calculation with agriculture and other business types. It calculates Tax and National Insurance, prints full payslips, producing all figures required for month and year-end returns as well as Pension payments. All payments can be automatically exported into Total Accounts. For further details please click on Total Payroll.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, or order a free demonstration CD via our Contact Form.

Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

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Key Features

  • Cashbook or Double-Entry
  • MTD VAT Compliant
  • Automatic VAT Returns
  • Auto-Reconcile to Bank Files
  • P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Enterprise/Machinery Costings
  • Easy Contra Invoice Input
  • Cashflow Budgets
from £425 + VAT
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