integrated software for farms and rural businesses

SUM-IT have developed a complete range of integrated software to handle virtually all farm and other rural business needs, eliminating much of the paperwork and minimising the general chores of the day-to-day office administration.

Choose from either fully integrated systems or separate stand-alone programs.

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Total Integration

Total Integration

Starter Total

The ideal entry-level integrated farm program providing cashbook accounts, livestock and cropping record.

Standard Total

The complete integrated farm program providing comprehensive legislative and management information.

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Accounts, Invoicing & Wages

Total Accounts

The straightforward solution for either Cashbook or Full Accounting.

Total Invoicing

Generates invoices using customised headers and footers, posted directly into Accounts.

Total Contractors Diary

Record jobs/​stocks booked to each client with automatic invoice generation.

Total Payroll

Takes care of all your wages needs, with direct links to HMRC and exports Workplace Pension data.

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Cropping & NVZ Records

Total Field

The practical crop recording software that’s simple to drive, satisfies Produce Assurance needs and provides Crop Gross Margins.

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Dairy Herd Management


An entry-level program to keep your herd records up to date and provide basic management reports.

Total Dairy

A comprehensive herd management tool to take care of the milking herd, youngstock and any beef enterprise.

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Beef & Sheep Management

Total Beef

Choose to record just legislative details with Starter or utilise complete management records and full performance analysis with Standard.

Total Sheep

Full flock movement records with EIDs plus health records and costings or upgrade to full individual pedigree records.

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Total Farm Apps

Smartphone and tablet software

Total Bovine App

Designed to run with Total Dairy, DairyMate or Starter or Standard Total Beef Modules.

Total Field App

Designed to run with either Starter or Standard Total Field Modules.

Total Contractors App

Designed to run with the Contractors Diary Module

Total Sheep App

Designed to run with the Standard Total Sheep Management Module.

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Bespoke Software Development

If you have a specific software requirement not covered by our main product range then please contact us and ask about our bespoke software development.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-line or on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, via our Contact Form.

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