07 July 2023

The first version of TOTAL2 Accounts is now released!

We are very pleased to now have released the first official version of TOTAL2 Accounts.

We are now steadi­ly work­ing through pro­cess­ing the hun­dreds of TOTAL2 orders we received from exist­ing Users since our UK Roadshows.

If you have already placed an order then con­vert­ing your cur­rent Total Accounts data is a rel­a­tive­ly straight­for­ward process for our Upgrade team. We’ll con­tact you to book a con­ve­nient time to get your data trans­ferred into our head office for con­ver­sion. We’ll turn it round in 48 hours and pro­vide you with a link to down­load and install your new TOTAL2 soft­ware before trans­fer­ring in your new licence and con­vert­ed datasets.

Check out our snap­shot demo video show­cas­ing the main fea­tures of our new farm accounts software.

We’ve put togeth­er a series of short how-to videos on using TOTAL2 so that you get up to speed quick­ly learn­ing the new program’s oper­a­tion, though you will find that it is very intu­itive and, being already famil­iar using Total Accounts, you’ll recog­nise a lot of the process­es. Click TOTAL2 Accounts Tuto­r­i­al Video Series to see more in-depth tutorials.

If you haven’t yet booked your Upgrade to TOTAL2 then please con­tact us on 01844 213003 to dis­cuss your require­ments or sim­ply fill in this form and we’ll get in touch with you on receipt of it.

TOTAL2 Accounts Video: The Next Generation of Farm Accounts Software Has Arrived