17 March 2020

Sum-It Support during the Coronavirus Outbreak

We are keen to reassure all our customers of our commitment to business continuity throughout this difficult time

We have put contingency plans in place to ensure that, regardless of whether SUM-IT staff operate from our offices at Thame or from their homes, our Software Support will continue to remain open during normal operating hours. 

Should we need to move to full remote access then the number of incoming phone lines will be reduced from 4 down to 1 so if you get the engaged tone then please keep trying. Initial calls will be kept short and, if necessary, a secondary support person will call you back if the answer to your query is more than a few minutes. We will be taking this action in order to keep the incoming line clear for other callers.

Finally, our thoughts are with anyone who has been directly affected by the Coronavirus and we sincerely hope that you and your family remain safe’.