09 June 2023

Save £ 365! Check out our Farmplan Beef to SUM-IT Total Beef Migration Offer

Currently using Farmplan's Cattle Manager? Check out this special offer just for you!

Save your­self £365 + VAT over a year when con­vert­ing from Farm­plan Cat­tle Man­ag­er to Total Beef man­age­ment soft­ware.

We are aware that some live­stock farm­ers are not par­tic­u­lar­ly hap­py about this change from Farm­plan to Herd­watch a vari­ety of reasons:

  • Herd­watch is sole­ly app based which is dif­fi­cult for prop­er­ly analysing data
  • It does not link with all weighers
  • It’s report­ing capac­i­ty is limited
  • High on-going annu­al fees
  • Doesn’t inte­grate with oth­er man­age­ment soft­ware e.g accounts

SUM-IT’s Total Beef over­comes all these issues and more!

Check out Total Beef’s full fea­tures here, includ­ing those Herd­watch do not cur­rent­ly offer.

Choose from the above 2 deals to suit your needs. Starter and Stan­dard ver­sions available.

Want to see how it will look on your com­put­er? BOOKLIVE DEMO