20 April 2023

Revealed: Results from SUM-IT's Farmer Insights Survey 2023

From the burden of office admin to the excitement of farm tech, the results from our Farmer Insights Survey 2023 are in! Discover what British farmers are (and are not!) currently looking forward to.

Here at SUM-IT, we car­ried out a nation­wide sur­vey of 242 British farm­ers to get their opin­ions and to hear about the future plans for their farm. Being a farm man­age­ment soft­ware com­pa­ny, we want­ed to get an idea of how farm­ers viewed their farm admin and what they found most chal­leng­ing and time con­sum­ing so that we can be in the best posi­tion to help!

We also thought it would be inter­est­ing to build a pic­ture of how farm­ers were feel­ing about the future of their farm busi­ness along­side their cur­rent views on farm technology. 

See our find­ings below.

Thank you to every­one who took the time to com­plete our survey.