17 February 2022

NEW Total Dairy link to smaXtec, the health monitoring system

Enter events via Total Dairy and the latest individual cow records are electronically transferred across to your smaXtec Software

The smaXtec health system: Become more successful with a stable, high milk yield while reducing your workload and cost.

  • smaXtec offers a Bolus technology that measures inner body temperature, rumination, activity and drinking behaviour in the cow’s reticulum 247
  • Unique parameter combination enables earliest possible disease detection 
    • Detect diseases such as mastitis up to 4 days before clinical signs become visible
  • Includes reliable heat detection and early calving detection (on average 15 hours before calving)
  • Proactive notifications to your smartphone or by email when action is needed
  • Benefits when using smaXtec on your dairy farm: 
    • Stable milk yield
    • Healthier dairy cows
    • Less antibiotics
    • Reduced treatment cost
    • Improved herd fertility
    • More milk to deliver
    • Improved daily work routine

See more from smaXtec here.

See more on Total Dairy here. Pick up a free mobile app worth £95 with each February order of Total Dairy. 

Contact smaXtec: David on 07483 926809 or david.​pool@​smaXtec.​com

Contact SUM-IT: Ben on 01844 213003 or ben@​sum-​it.​co.​uk