20 March 2023

Check out TOTAL2 Accounts in action

See our brand new TOTAL2 Accounts in action, the upgrade price and how we will convert you across from your current Total Accounts

View record­ing here: https://​clipchamp​.com/​w​a​t​ch/wv…

Take a look at the TOTAL2 Vir­tu­al Show­case record­ing using the link below, it will talk you through the whats, whys and hows of our Total to TOTAL2 upgrade process and hope­ful­ly answer any gener­ic ques­tions you have about its oper­a­tion and functions. 

To take advan­tage of the intro­duc­to­ry dis­count price (ends 31st March 2023), order your own upgrade to TOTAL2 by fill­ing out this form here.

This can be done at any time before 31st March and will secure your order, you will be invoiced at a lat­er date fol­low­ing on from the soft­ware’s release in May.

TOTAL2 will bring you: 

  • Even more man­age­ment info - we can do more with the data entered 
  • Cloud com­pat­i­bil­i­ty – access data in real time from any TOTAL2 computer
  • Cus­tomis­able screen size and lay­out – see the things that YOU need to see, where you need to see them
  • API tech­nol­o­gy – to con­nect with even more agri-systems
  • The same SUM-IT Soft­ware feel – straight­for­ward and practical

For more in-depth, busi­ness spe­cif­ic ques­tions please feel free to ring Cait­lyn or Ben on 01844 213003