04 December 2020

Handling Furloughed Employees in Total Payroll

UPDATED! See the latest changes in Total Payroll to cater for the HMRC JRS Scheme

The Gov­ern­men­t’s lat­est deci­sion to start a fresh lock­down on 5th Novem­ber means that the new UK Job Sup­port Scheme that was to replace the Job Reten­tion Scheme has been sus­pend­ed until fur­ther notice.

The Job Reten­tion Scheme has now been extend­ed until 31st March 2021. Please refresh your­selves on the lat­est changes via our Guid­ance doc­u­ment that we will keep updat­ing as more infor­ma­tion is made avail­able from HMRC as to how best to record/​report/​reclaim for employ­ees on each scheme.