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Using email in your Total software

September 03 2012
Are you making the most of your Total program with regard to email?
Using email in your Total software

​Did you know you can email your Movement Report direct to your Trading Standards Officer without wasting loads of ink printing it all out? If you raise invoices through Total you don’t need to waste post when you can email them direct. To email any report or invoice/statement Simply click on the Email button in Print Preview.

Likewise, your accountant could receive your Accounts data by email to utilise on their free Auditor version of Total. Or your vet could be emailed your herd records prior to a visit to maximise their time efficiently on-farm. Talk to our Support team on either 01844 213003 (Gold & Silver contracts) or 0906 5501086 (Bronze contracts) to find out how you set this direct facility up.

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