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Sum-It help TESCO Dairy Suppliers

November 11 2015
With new rules now requiring TSDG Members to manually input their records onto the TESCO website, Sum-It Users just need to upload a file
Sum-It help TESCO Dairy Suppliers

​From this November the way that Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group Members provide their herd information to Tesco will change.

Whereas in the past your Milk Recording organisation would have supplied a lot of the data on your behalf, now it all has to be manually input into the Tesco website by Members themselves - unless, of course, you are running one of Sum-It's suite of Dairy programs including Total Dairy, Dairymate and QMMS's Quality Milk Manager.

Only Sum-It Software Users and QMMS Software Users are able to export a file containing all the necessary data, that can then be updated directly onto the website.

For further general information please click here.

For specific help preparing the TSDG Export file to upload to the TESCO site, please first ensure you have downloaded version 9.5.005 or higher of Total Dairy, DairyMate or Quality Milk Manager and then refer to the notes below:

Total Dairy Users - please click here.

DairyMate Users - please click here.

Quality Milk Manager Users - please click here.

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