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New Total Field App Launched

October 29 2013
Check out our latest App, designed for Crop Recording.
New Total Field App Launched

‚ÄčThis month sees the launch of our Arable App that provides a way for Sum-It Users running the Total Field software to access their data whenever they are away from the office PC. The App has been developed for the Android range of smartphones and Tablets.

Using the App you can select any field from the list shown to see all the details of the current cropping season including nutrient analysis, spray records and yields plus you can record new operations as they happen. Multiple operators can each update into the same dataset. Once synchronised with Total Field on your PC via WiFi or 3G the App then operates totally off-line, not needing an active internet connection until the next time you need to send the latest events back to the Total Field program. 

For further information give us a call on 01844 213003 or click on Total Field App.

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