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New Dairy & Beef Smartphone App Launched

June 25 2013
You can now get access to your Total Dairy and Beef records on a smartphone or tablet.
New Dairy & Beef Smartphone App Launched

​We are launching our first Smartphone App at the Livestock Event at the NEC on 3rd/4th July. The App is designed to operate on all Android smartphones and tablets and provides access to your herd records running on Total Dairy or Total Beef. The App operates off-line so you can use it all over your farm without needing a good internet connection.

It displays all your animals with individual records as well as Action Lists.You can quickly check details of any animal, for example when they were last served or are this still in drug retention from a previous drug treatment. You can record new actions and simply repeat them if the same treatment was done over a range of animals. Then when back by your farm office PC you can synchronise the App with your Total Data via WiFi and everything is immediately updated - no fuss.

Check out our Total Farm Apps page for more information or call us on 01844 213003.

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