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New Daily Casuals Module solves Beater Wages RTI issue

August 13 2013
With the introduction of RTI Reporting by HMRC this year a lot of confusion has arisen as to how best a shoot is to handle paying and reporting the beater wages.
New Daily Casuals Module solves Beater Wages RTI issue

​Beaters and Harvest Workers are generally classed as Daily Casual Workers under longstanding agreements between HMRC and NFU, That is to say that they are hired and fired each individual day with no expectation of continuous employment. Within these agreements they do not need to have Tax or NI deducted by the Employer. Under the new RTI Reporting rules Employers are required to report to HMRC all payments made to beaters, electronically as an FPS (Full Payment Submission), within 7 days of payment,

Generally, Payroll software cannot cater for paying employees daily, with weekly pay being the minimum length of pay period, so Sum-It have now developed a unique solution by creating a special Daily Casuals Module to work in conjunction with our Total Payroll software.

For further information on how this module works please watch the silent presentation below (you can click on the monitor icon on the right of the taskbar to go full-screen) :

Please feel free to contact Ben John on 01844 213003 to discuss your specific requirements on how Sum-It will help you handle reporting your beaters' wages this season.

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