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EID Readers scan livestock EIDs

EID Readers

We supply two types of EID device, catering for both levels of data capture:

A. The EID Reader is a tool that can scan livestock EIDs, store the list on the reader and download it to your PC. This type is very useful for scanning large groups of animals, particularly when they come on or leave your holding.

The model we supply for this is the Allflex RS420 EID Stick Reader at £645.00.This comes in a rugged case.

Allflex RS420 EID Stick
Allflex RS420 EID Stick
Full Allflex Kit
Full Allflex Kit

We also supply a wireless mobile printer that communicates with the stick via Bluetooth. This enables you to print out a list of all the tags scanned as you move the animals.The cost of the printer is £250.00.

Our software also links with other EID devices including the Tru-Test XRS Stick, Shearwell SDL 400 Stick, Agrident AWR100/200 and Biocontrol HHR 3000 Stick.

B. The Speedata KT50 EID Logger is a tool that uses RFID technology to scan EID Tags and record data against them. The Speedata KT50 provides an ideal solution to accessing your cattle and sheep records when outside, simply by either scanning an animal's EID Tag or by entering part of the eartag into the search box on-screen. Using Sum-It's Beef and Sheep Apps on it, you can record information including breeding, births, weights, treatments and movements as they happen, either individually or by setting the action to be repeated as you scan or select each animal. This data is then synchronised, via WiFi or Internet, with the Total Livestock Modules on your PC to save you having to enter the data separately.

Speedata KT50
Speedata KT50

The Speedata KT50 costs £795.00. Sum-It Livestock Apps start at £95.00 per annum.

All prices exclude carriage and VAT.

For further information about these EID tools please go to our Downloads page or contact us on 01844 213003 for a chat.

Key Features

  • Scan livestock EIDs, store the list on the reader and download it to your PC
  • Record data against an EID Tag as you scan it
  • Data can be downloaded into the Total Sheep & Cattle Software
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