PC Hardware
to suit all types of farm business and budget

Here at SUM-IT we are happy to provide you with the complete solution for your farm office, offering a range of hardware to go with your SUM-IT software.

With PCs we supply both new and re-furbished options to cater for all different requirements.

Key Features
  • All systems pre-tested
  • Full Backup Service
  • Single PCs or Networks provided
  • Anti-Virus & Firewall included

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New PCs
New PCs

For new PCs SUM-IT offer a range of Fujitsu and Dell computers to suit all types of farm business and budget. These have proven to be very reliable, built with high quality components and backed by sound three year on-site warranties.

New Notebooks
New Notebooks

If your need is for a more portable, smaller unit then we also supply a range of business notebook PCs.

These offer great specifications for excellent value. You can choose what size screen and level of processor power you need, depending on the type of usage you have for it.

Refurbished PCs & Notebooks
Refurbished PCs & Notebooks

Alternatively, you may not need the latest specification of computer and we find many users have hardware requirements better suited to a refurbished unit. Maybe it is going in a dusty or damp environment such as a grain store or milking parlour office where a new PC would quickly lose its shine. 

Here is where our high quality, ex-corporate PCs and Notebooks really come into their own – low cost, very reliable, branded units (typically Lenovo & HP) with a clean hard disk pre-loaded with Windows 10, they are supplied with brand new keyboard and mouse and offer a very sensible solution for many situations.


For Users wishing to run one of our Apps we offer a rugged tablet solution. The 7″ version of the Amazon Fire offers an ideal size to view your records — large enough to see a reasonable amount of animals or fields on one screen but small enough to take in a jacket pocket. We also provide it in a tough protective case to keep it safe when outside.

Hardware Installation

All hardware installations commence with us identifying what you wish to use your PC for, to best determine the most suitable level of hardware that you require. We can also supply any type and size of screen with your PC, depending on your wishes.

Each computer is fully tested by us on commission, with all specified software pre-installed, including powerful anti-virus and firewall protection with free updates. We can either set up new Internet accounts for you or transfer existing ones across from your previous PC, along with any other relevant documents and data.

We also provide a range of printers and other peripherals to handle all types of requirements.

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