Network Solutions
for rural industries

Providing a complete networking service

Total software is fully multi-user, meaning that several users can be updating the same dataset at the same time if they are all accessing the program through a network. This can be very convenient – maybe the herdsman wishes to update the cow records while the farm secretary enters fresh invoices while the sprayer operator records new field treatments.

As Total has this functionality, we provide a network installation service to all our customers. Network size can vary from a simple network for two PC s up to a complete multi PC setup over several floors plus remote access for users who still need to access the network when off-site.

Key Features
  • We provide a complete network installation service to all our customers
  • Multi-user access security, strong firewall and regular data back-ups are all provided with our network installations
  • We provide a full network support and backup service for either an annual fee or pay-as-you-go cost
  • Remote access options to let you access your Total Data when away from the office PC or local network

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Complete Networking Service

We provide the complete service, from an initial consultation to determine the best network configuration to suit specific requirements through to installing all necessary cabling and configuring all PCs to the server.

Where possible we can use your existing PCs within the network or provide a range of new models to ensure maximum speed of program operation.

Security is another important aspect with multiple user networks that we take very seriously so we ensure that each user only has access to the areas within their responsibilities. Likewise with regard to attacks from the internet, we supply strong firewall protection for your network, in both hardware and software formats, and we configure a regular data backup system to safeguard all your files.

Once installed, we provide a full network support and backup service for either an annual fee or pay-as-you-go cost, so that should any problems occur we can get your network back up and running as soon as possible.

Contact Chris on 01844 213003 for a chat to discuss all your networking requirements.

Remote Access

A popular request these days from users is the facility to access their Total Data when away from their office PC or local network.

The basic solution is to just take a copy of the data away, but if that copy is updated with new information or amended in any way then it can only be copied back onto the server providing no one else has altered the data on the server in the meantime. This option can be fine if one simply wishes to report on the data but is rather limiting otherwise.

The better solution is Remote Access and enables a User to access the local network or single PC via broadband internet to be able to run the live Total data or any other software running locally.

With remote access there are different levels of sophistication and cost depending on how many users in the company need this facility. If only one user needs access remotely then often we can recommend and install one of the free-to-use Log-In services available on the internet. Should several users need access remotely into the same network then we tend to supply a bespoke remote access server onto the local network, allowing multiple remote logins through it simultaneously.

To establish what option best fits your own data access requirements please give Chris a call on 01844 213003.

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