Farm Network Solutions
for rural industries

Providing a complete networking service for agricultural businesses

Total farm man­age­ment soft­ware is ful­ly mul­ti-user, mean­ing that sev­er­al users can be updat­ing the same dataset at the same time if they are all access­ing the pro­gram through a net­work. This can be very con­ve­nient – maybe the herds­man wish­es to update the cow records while the farm sec­re­tary enters fresh invoic­es while the sprayer oper­a­tor records new field treatments.

As Total has this func­tion­al­i­ty, we pro­vide a net­work instal­la­tion ser­vice to all our cus­tomers. Net­work size can vary from a sim­ple net­work for two PC s up to a com­plete mul­ti PC set­up over sev­er­al floors plus remote access for users who still need to access the net­work when off-site.

Key Features
  • We pro­vide a com­plete net­work instal­la­tion ser­vice to all our customers
  • Mul­ti-user access secu­ri­ty, strong fire­wall and reg­u­lar data back-ups are all pro­vid­ed with our net­work installations
  • We pro­vide a full net­work sup­port and back­up ser­vice for either an annu­al fee or pay-as-you-go cost
  • Remote access options to let you access your Total Data when away from the office PC or local network

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Complete Networking Service

We pro­vide the com­plete ser­vice, from an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion to deter­mine the best net­work con­fig­u­ra­tion to suit spe­cif­ic require­ments, through to installing all nec­es­sary cabling and con­fig­ur­ing all PCs to the server.

Where pos­si­ble we can use your exist­ing PCs with­in the net­work or pro­vide a range of new com­put­ers to ensure max­i­mum speed of pro­gram operations.

Secu­ri­ty is anoth­er impor­tant aspect with mul­ti­ple user net­works that we take very seri­ous­ly, so we ensure that each user only has access to the areas with­in their responsibilities. 

Like­wise with regard to attacks from the inter­net, we sup­ply strong fire­wall pro­tec­tion for your net­work, in both hard­ware and soft­ware for­mats, and we con­fig­ure a reg­u­lar data back­up sys­tem to safe­guard all your files.

Once installed, we pro­vide a full net­work sup­port and back­up ser­vice for either an annu­al fee or pay-as-you-go cost, so that should any prob­lems occur we can get your net­work back up and run­ning as soon as possible.

Con­tact our expert Chris on 01844 213003 for a chat to dis­cuss all your net­work­ing requirements.

Remote Access

A pop­u­lar request these days from users is the facil­i­ty to access their Total Data when away from their office PC or local network.

The basic solu­tion is to just take a copy of the data away, but if that copy is updat­ed with new infor­ma­tion or amend­ed in any way then it can only be copied back onto the serv­er pro­vid­ing no one else has altered the data on the serv­er in the mean­time. This option can be fine if one sim­ply wish­es to report on the data but is rather lim­it­ing otherwise.

The bet­ter solu­tion is Remote Access which enables a User to access the local net­work or sin­gle PC via broad­band inter­net to be able to run the live Total data or any oth­er soft­ware run­ning locally.

With remote access there are dif­fer­ent lev­els of sophis­ti­ca­tion and cost depend­ing on how many users in the com­pa­ny need this facil­i­ty. If only one user needs access remote­ly then often we can rec­om­mend and install one of the free-to-use Log-In ser­vices avail­able on the inter­net. Should sev­er­al users need access remote­ly into the same net­work then we tend to sup­ply a bespoke remote access serv­er onto the local net­work, allow­ing mul­ti­ple remote logins through it simultaneously.

To estab­lish what option best fits your own data access require­ments please give Chris a call on 01844 213003.

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