Cattle Weighing Scales Software
Integration With Electronic Weighers

Our Total Cattle and Sheep management software link to a range of electronic weighers. These include Tru-Test, Gallagher and Iconix.

With all these weighers, cat­tle or sheep can be iden­ti­fied either by man­u­al­ly tap­ping their eartag/​management code into the weigher or by con­nect­ing up a EID Read­er to cap­ture the animal’s EID tag and store it against their weight.

Group weigh files can then be down­loaded from the weigher onto your PC and import­ed into the Total farm soft­ware using the Total Elec­tron­ic Weigher Inter­face Module. 

From these import­ed weights, dai­ly liveweight gains can be instant­ly cal­cu­lat­ed and the per­for­mance of groups can be assessed against their feed, source or any num­ber of dif­fer­ent factors.

Whilst we do not direct­ly sup­ply elec­tron­ic weighers, we are hap­py to advise on how our soft­ware links to them and rec­om­mend suit­able models. 

Key Features
  • Eas­i­ly cap­ture the animal’s EID tag and store it against the weight
  • Group Weigh files can be import­ed into Total software
  • Dai­ly liveweight gains can be instant­ly calculated
  • Assess per­for­mance against feed, source or oth­er factors
  • Access from PC or Smartphone

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