Cattle Passport Barcode Scanner
For Scanning Cattle Passports

We sell reliable and affordable cattle passport scanners to speed up the input of cattle records from their passports.

This tool proves most use­ful to those beef farm­ers reg­u­lar­ly pur­chas­ing calves and store cattle.

The read­er plugs in to your PC via a USB port, enabling you to be up and scan­ning in seconds. 

Each cat­tle scan­ner comes with a stand, enabling it to be left ready to wake up as soon as a bar­code is placed under it.

When inputting the pur­chase of ani­mals into the Total Beef or Total Dairy man­age­ment soft­ware you can scan the bar­code stick­er for the animal’s source to fill in the name of where the ani­mal came from.

To enter the cow’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion details from their pass­port, you sim­ply scan the long bar­code on the bot­tom of the front sheet. This fills in the UK ear tag num­ber, date of birth, sex and breed on screen instantly.

This elim­i­nates the scope for mak­ing mis­takes when typ­ing in details, mak­ing your records even more traceable.

The cat­tle pass­port bar­code scan­ner can also be used to find ani­mal records on your farm man­age­ment soft­ware or quick­ly cre­ate a list of ani­mals to gen­er­ate a move­ment document.

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