Bar Code Readers
for scanning cattle passports

We sell Laser Bar Code Readers to speed up the input of cattle records from their Passports.

This tool proves most useful to those beef farmers regularly purchasing calves and store cattle.

The Reader plugs in to your PC via a USB port, enabling you to be up and scanning in seconds. The included stand enables the reader to be left ready to wake up as soon as a bar code is placed under it.

When inputting the purchase of animals onto the Total Beef/​Dairy software you can scan the bar code sticker for the animal’s source to fill in the name of where the animal came from.

To enter the animal’s identification details from their passport, you simply scan the long bar code on the bottom of the front sheet. This fills in the UK ear tag number, date of birth, sex and breed on screen instantly.

This eliminates the scope for making mistakes when typing in details, making your records even more traceable.

The Reader can also be used to find animal records on the Total system or quickly create a list of animals to generate a movement document.

Key Features
  • Save time on data input
  • Eliminate typing mistakes
  • Build cattle lists quickly

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